Only $295 For Any Area Code!

Currently our USA Database contains over 430 million individual cell phone numbers! Our cell phone lists includes every area code, every prefix and carrier! We also include the SMS carrier messaging domain for SMS based text marketing campaigns! In addition, we offer the complete Canadian, Puerto Rican & Virgin Island database! For more information please see the Cell Phone List Database FAQ section.

The SMS Cell Phone Marketing List

Each area code includes every cell phone number and sms messaging domain for only $295.00. Our goal is to provide our clients with the most complete, up to date and accurate database.To make this happen our in house telecom experts are constantly maintaining and updating our extensive cellular database with the most recent information available.

Consider our database a "Master List" of every mobile phone number that currently exists. The Cell-Phone-List database is the most complete list available, anywhere! Our clients include restaurants, small businesses, political and non-profit orginizations.

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