Individual Area Codes (Standard)

$295 - 1 Area Code
$495 - 3 Area Codes
$995 - 10 Area Codes

Full Database Access (Standard)

$4,995 - Full US Database (Includes 299 Area Codes)
$1,495 - Full Canadian Database (Includes 35 Area Codes)
$5,995 - Full CPL Database (Includes US, Candada, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands: 345 Area Codes)

If you want to purchase our Full Database; Give us a call, or send us an e-mail, and we will provide you with an invoice including wire instructions.

International Lists

$1,495 - Full United Kingdom (UK) Cell Phone List

Bulk SMS Sender

$995 - Bulk SMS Sender (Premium Edition, Includes 3 Area Codes of Your Choice)

SMS Mobile Marketing Studio

(Includes Up To 15 Free Area Codes In The US & Canadian Mobile Database)

$3,995 - Mobile Marketing Studio Standard Edition (5-Port)
$5,995 - Mobile Marketing Studio Premium Edition (10-Port)

For more information, or if you wish to purchase the SMS Mobile Marketing Studio, contact us directly.

Ringless Voicemail Drops

$200 - 2,500 Drops (8¢ Per Successful Message Delivered)
$500 - 7,143 Drops (7¢ Per Successful Message Delivered)
$1000 - 15,385 Drops (6.5¢ Per Successful Message Delivered)
$1500 - 25,000 Drops (6¢ Per Successful Message Delivered)
$3000 - 54,545 Drops (5.5¢ Per Successful Message Delivered)

For larger quantity purchases contact us directly for billing information.

Canadian Postal Code Tool

$195 - Canadian Postal Code Telephone Number Lookup Tool (Full Access)

Financing & Payment Plans

We are pleased to offer financing with no payments + no interest for 6 months via Paypal Credit! (Select "Paypal Credit" when making your purchase)



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