Demographic Lists with Mobile Phone Number Data

CPL offers detailed demographic wireless telephone lists which can be filtered by city, zip code, age, gender, home owner status, value of home, credit rating, and much more. All of our demographic lists include 100% wireless phone numbers with each record and are delivered in CSV format.

We use over 20 proprietary methods in obtaining our data and build it from the ground up every single month, ensuring the records you receive are always current and accurate!

Ringless Voicemail Drops are an excellent method to deliver content utilizing our demographic lists.

Our Demographic Lists Include the Following Information:
Wireless Telephone Number
First Name
Middle Initial
Last Name
Street Address
Zip Code
Zip Code+4

Additional Demographic Information Includes:
Email Address
Homeowner Flag
Dwelling Type
Length of Residence
Home Value
Credit Rating
Vehicle information for up to 4 vehicles (make, model, year, VIN)
Latitude / Longitude
Boat Owner / Enthusiast
RV Owner / Enthusiast
DNC Flag / Wireless Telephone
IP Address

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