The standard list includes all mobile phone numbers, wireless carrier and message domain information. The demographic list includes all features of the standard list and additional demographic information including full name, address, mobile number, and many other categories. For a complete list of all additional demographic features, visit the demographic list page.

You will receive your account login information to access the CPL Database. You will have one full year of access to every mobile number in your area code, inluding unlimited download capabilities, and the ability to target geographically. Your purchase also includes a Mobile Reference Guide. The cost for any area code is only $295. To purchase a list Click Here.

For a detailed count of how many mobile numbers each Area Code includes visit our Area Code List section

We offer a premium list with detailed demographic information, and all records are 100% mobile! Our demographic lists contain the most accurate and up-to-date data in the industry.

Our Demographic Data Includes:
Wireless Telephone Number
First Name
Middle Initial
Last Name
Street Address
Zip Code
Additional Demographic Information Includes:
Email Address
Homeowner Flag
Dwelling Type
Length of Residence
Home Value
Credit Rating
Vehicle information for up to 4 vehicles (make, model, year, VIN)
Boat Owner/Enthusiast
RV Owner/Enthusiast
DNC Flag – Wireless Telephone
IP Address

For More Information: Visit our Cell Phone Number List with Demographics page

Our lists are updated, verified, and rebuilt from the ground up each month using over 20 proprietary methods ensuring the records you receive are always current and accurate!

The mobile numbers are available to download in both TXT and CSV formats. These formats can easily be imported into any database, spreadsheet, excel file, or other programs including the CPL Bulk SMS Sender. The mobile numbers can also be used as a predictive dialer calling list.

Here Are Some Examples:

The CPL Database includes a scrubbing tool that easily allows you to scrub your list against the National Do Not Call List.

The SMS message domain will allow you to send an email and your recipient will receive it as a text message (example: or

Our database is updated on a daily basis.

We strive to offer the most expansive and accurate mobile list anywhere. Currently our USA & Canadian database contains over 430 million records.

Our mobile numbers are accumulated through various methods, including in-house on-going research, wireless telecom companies, private business sector. Our main database was originally created, designed and maintained for political candidates’ SMS message campaigns.

Yes! We our database covers all of Canada, Puerto Rico & the Virgin Islands. The price for any mobile area code list is only $295.00 per area code. If you purchase a Cell Phone Number List for a Canadian Area Code then you will get access to our Canadian Postal Code Tool for the purchased Area Codes at no additional cost!

Yes! We offer several mobile delivery platforms depending upon your needs. Our delivery systems include a Ringless Voicemail Drop platform, a Bulk SMS Sender for direct SMS (Text Message) marketing, and an All-In-One Dashboard for mobile keywords, short codes, QR codes, MMS marketing. We also offer resources for bulk SMS email marketing and online predictive dialers.

Yes! we offer a Ringless Voicemail (RVM) Platform that is FCC, CRTC, and TCPA compliant. For more information visit our Ringless Voicemail section.

A Bulk Email Sender sends messages using email technology which uses messaging domains (i.e.:,,, etc). If a mobile subscriber changes their servicing plan or switches carriers the messages may not be delivered using a Bulk Email Sender. The CPL Bulk SMS Sender (Studio Version) is a direct gateway using a USB modem and SIM card. All SMS messages sent to active mobile numbers are delivered with no issues.

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Yes! For detailed pricing on larger volume orders visit Our Pricing page.

Due to the nature of our product, once an account has been activated we do not provide any refunds.