Cell Phone List Reseller Program

As a list reseller, you have an incredible opportunity to provide your customers with high-quality data while simultaneously generating a lucrative income stream for yourself! Utilizing the Cell Phone List Demographic Data Portal, our resellers have complete access to account creation and credit distribution: Simply create customer accounts & assign credits (one credit is equal to one downloaded record) as needed!

Become A List Reseller Today & Start Earning Income Now!

With over 120 million consumer records available nationwide, our user-friendly list database can easily target searches geographically by city, state, and zip code. Additionally, many searchable filters are available including name, address, mobile phone number, wireless carrier, gender, age, email address, homeowner status, and much more.

We have strategically branded our list database in a generic manner with no reference of CPL to ensure the integrity of your reseller business. In other words, it's your business, and you are in complete control! You set your own prices, collect your own money, and manage all of your customer accounts. Of course, CPL will always be here to assist you behind the scenes if needed. We also provide generic marketing materials which will help you to effectively promote your list business.

List Reseller Pricing:
As a list reseller, you can purchase credits at a the following discounted rates:
$495.00 - 250,000 Credits
$695.00 - 750,000 Credits
$995.00 - 2,000,000 Credits

Become A CPL List Reseller - Sign Up Now:
To join our list reseller program, we require a one-time setup fee of $995.00. Use the button located below to signup now!

All Major Credit Cards Accepted

We accept Bitcoin! Contact us for payment instructions.