Use Case Examples

The following use cases provide several examples of successful campaign scenarios which have utilized our products and services. These examples are displayed with permission from each associated client, and all relevant identifying information has been modified to maintain individual privacy.

Use Case 1

Mary Smith is a real estate agent in Phoenix, Arizona. She maintains an in-house list of prospects and clients who have opted-in to be notified regarding several aspects of Mary's services. Mary utilizes both our Ringless Voicemail and Bulk SMS platforms to effectively distribute notifications and information to these individuals on a regular basis.

Use Case 2

Michael Brown is running for a city council position in Dallas, Texas. Michael utilizes our lists to personally contact voters in his locality. Of the individuals contacted, some have opted-in to receive information in relation to Michael's campaign. Subsequently, Michael efficiently delivers updates to these individuals using our Bulk SMS platform.

Use Case 3

Jeff Baker is a sales manager for an automobile dealership in Sacramento, California. Jeff uses our Promotional Giveaways to generate in-person traffic. In exchange for a promotional giveaway voucher, individuals have test-driven a vehicle and opted-in to receive additional offers from the dealership. Jeff uses our Ringless Voicemail and Bulk SMS platforms to send follow up messages to these prospects.